A Message from the Master

We welcome all men of good values and legal age to seek membership into a lodge of Freemasonry. Whether it be into The Consolidated Lodge or any other Lodge. When choosing a Lodge, it is of most value to you to learn of all the Lodges in your jurisdiction and their individual missions. It is important to your happiness and the well being of the lodge  for you to identify with that Lodges mission and goals.

Speaking directly to The Consolidated Lodge, we identify with serving the community in which we live. Be it donating our time to socialize with those with mental or physical debilitation’s; serving at a local homeless shelter; or donating money to help build homes for Veterans. We help the community and get involved. Beyond this, we as Brothers regularly enjoy each others company over beer, whiskey, golf, cigars or a combination of the aforementioned! We want to help others and have fun with each other. That is what our Lodge is about.

Thank you for visiting.

Joseph K. Susmeyer


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