Proposal to Change the Lodge Name

Who was Henry Price? 

Information About Our First Grand Master


According to research done by Bro. Michael S. Kaulback, a library Technician at our Grand Lodge Library,

“Henry Price is sometimes referred to as “The Father of Freemasonry in America.”  In the year 1723, Henry Price, a tailor and already a Mason under the Grand Lodge of England arrived in Boston and quickly became recognized as a successful businessman.  While on a business trip to England in 1733 Henry Price petitioned and received a warrant from the newly formed Grand Lodge of England appointing him as “Provincial Grand Master of New England and Dominions and Territories thereunto belonging.”  This authorized him to constitute all brethren then residing in New England into one or more Regular Lodges.  The first charted lodge, St John’s Lodge was constituted.  He was a member of the legislature where he met Samuel Adams.  He also met John Hancock and Thomas Cushing.  Price on Monday, July 30th, 1733 met with several brethren at the Bunch of Grapes Tavern on King Steet (now state street) in Boston.  He read his deputation and organized the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts.

I encourage all brethren to visit The Samuel Crocker Lawrence Library, located in our Grand Lodge building and read all the research done on Henry Price; all of his years of service to our Grand Lodge and remember the tribute recorded on his grave marker – “An Honest Man, The Nobelist Work of God.”

Opinion on Name Change: a Note from R.W. Ernest A. Pearlstein

Our current lodge name was selected when a merge was agreed upon, but consensus couldn’t be reached by the newly joined parties and time constraints insisted upon some name for our lodge.  It was understood we would revisit a new name at a later date.

We are now a fine example of a successful merger.  We have learned to come together for service, work and fellowship and represent the best of what Masonry has to offer men.  We are thriving in our location at Grand Lodge and our loge serves an honorable name that represents our endeavors.   “The Henry Price Lodge” better expresses our determination and dedication to the craft.

It is my opinion that the changing of the name of our lodge to “The Henry Price Lodge” is a positive action with historic evidence of endurance and reverence.  It quickly identifies a connection to the significant beginnings of masonry in Massachusetts informing new members and affiliates of our commitment and reliance on the roots of Masonry.  We have worked hard to build a cohesive and welcoming Lodge of which we can all be proud, not let us celebrate in giving our lodge a name that represents our place in Massachusetts history and the First Masonic District. 

It is proposed that the name of The Consolidated Lodge be changed to The Henry Price Lodge. Do you support changing the name of the Lodge to The Henry Price Lodge?