We Make Good Men Better

We welcome all men of good values and legal age to seek membership into a lodge of Freemasonry. Whether it be into The Consolidated Lodge or any other Lodge. When choosing a Lodge, it is of most value to you to learn of all the Lodges in your jurisdiction and their individual missions. It is important to your happiness and the well being of the lodge for you to identify with that Lodges mission and goals.

The Consolidated Lodge fulfills a special mission to reach out to and aid community non-profit organizations  and others in need of our assistance. We assist non-profit organizations both near and far with our time, man-power, skills and monetary donations. Our Lodge oversees the Anderson Philanthropic Fund, the largest and most active philanthropic fund managed by any Lodge in the District. We humbly donate over $15K per annum to various organizations in need.

Past recipients have included:

Free Medical Assistance Organizations
Food Pantries
Senior Citizen Outreach
Veterans Outreach
Homeless Shelters
Abused Animal Shelters
Youth Enrichment Camps
Women’s Shelters
Inner-city Youth Programs
Churches, Synagogues
Massachusetts Mason’s Medical Research Laboratory
Children’s Wish Group

All monetary donations are to verified 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organizations to help them in completing their respective mission.

The Consolidated Lodge has a rich and varied history. We are the result of the mergers and "consolidation" of seven lodges and our brothers bring the energy, traditions and history of those lodges to The Consolidated. While not required, we expect men who join our lodge to consider joining the Officer's line, the various committees that help us run the lodge and fulfill our missions, or both.

In the past few years, The Consolidated Lodge has accepted applicants and raised Masons of ever increasing diversity in age, ethnicity and religion. We are committed to continuing to do so. We believe it strengthens our lodge and our fraternity.